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2014 Garden Trends

By Botanical Decorators
March 18, 2014

Botanical Decorators was recently featured in a RealtorMag article, where we discussed our views and experiences on the new garden trends shaping 2014. The consensus is clear: homeowners everywhere are looking to create a backyard oasis that’s perfect for outdoor entertaining, yet easy to maintain.

In order to help you achieve this goal, we’ve outlined the biggest garden trends of 2014 below:

Low-Maintenance Garden Designs

More and more, homeowners are enjoying gardens that are beautiful, but require little effort in terms of ongoing maintenance. That means plantings that don’t need constant watering, fertilization, or other care and simple garden designs with a few varieties (five to seven, to be specific), rather than dozens of different types of plants.

Examples of less labor-intensive plants include shrubs such as spirea, itea, and nandina. Plant groundcovers, such as Liriope ‘royal purple,’ also reduce the amount of mulch required.

Note that although they don’t need to be planted every season, perennials tend to require more work—such as removing dead flowers and dividing them into clumps as they fill in. Annuals, however, need less maintenance through the growing season once they are planted.  And be sure to avoid trees with invasive root systems or varieties that drop debris.

Sustainable Landscaping

Native plantings and flowers are growing increasingly popular as well, both for their sustainability and low-maintenance qualities. Not only do they require little watering and less fertilization than other plant varieties, but they also naturally thrive in the area and they tend to attract some beautiful aspects of wild life, like butterflies.

Some homeowners are taking this a step even further by choosing renewable materials for hardscapes that complement their garden designs.

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor entertaining spaces are among the 2014 garden trends growing in value. Homeowners are primarily seeking to add more patios and decks with comfortable seating and lush plantings. These features tend to be accompanied by pergolas for shade, often with flowering vines, and water features, like vanishing edge pools, to create that resort-style feel.

Extended Use

In order to better enjoy their garden designs year-round, homeowners are focusing on finding ways to extend the use of their landscapes. That includes better landscape lighting, with energy efficient LED lights growing in popularity. Fire pits or fireplaces also provide more warmth, with the fireplace serving as a more permanent part of landscape designs and the fire pit providing a more affordable alternative.

Personalized Curb Appeal

Enhancing your front yard landscape design with plantings, a walkway, and other features can improve curb appeal. We recommend textured plantings, features of varying heights, plantings providing seasonal interest and color, or a small water feature. Consider strategically placed furniture as well, such as an antique bench.

Call Us for Garden Design in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.

If you’re looking to implement any of the above 2014 garden trends into your landscape design, Botanical Decorators can help. Our extensive experience producing beautiful, functional designs throughout the D.C. metropolitan area, combined with our deep understanding of industry trends, has prepared us for any challenge. Whether you want to use the popular garden trends of 2014 in your property or have a unique idea for your landscape design, we can work with you to make your vision a reality.

Call today to schedule a consultation for garden design in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.!


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