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7 Habits of Successful Plant Waterers

By Botanical Decorators
June 20, 2017

One of the best investments you can make towards the beauty and value of your home is exterior landscaping, but in order to protect your investment and help plants to survive and thrive you’ll need to provide them with life-sustaining water—but how much? And how often? The most successful gardeners have developed a series of habits to ensure the health and vitality of plants, while taking the guesswork out of watering.

How to Water Your Plants

Introduce Yourself

The best way to care for your garden is to get to know what’s in it from the ground up. Get back to nature with regular trips around your property to learn the various needs of each plant according to light, soil conditions, and placement.

Get Your Hands Dirty

A successful waterer has intimate knowledge of the types of soil throughout their property and makes adjustments to their routine accordingly.

Keep An Eye Out

When it comes to watering, less is more. In an effort to save time many homeowners set a hose at the base of the plant and walk away, but rather than satisfying a need this type of watering is wasteful and can even be detrimental to the health of your plants. A better approach is to monitor the entire process until saturation is achieved, and watering just enough to soak the surrounding soil.

Timing Is Everything

Different plants have different watering needs in duration and frequency, and information is readily available through books or websites. Plants that thrive in sandy soil conditions prefer less water while those that require loamy or moist soil conditions prefer damp soil.

Be Flexible

Irrigation systems are ideal for busy homeowners but require periodic attention and adjustment to allow for seasonal growth and temperature variations.

Adjust For Weather

As living organisms plants endure a process called transpiration where moisture is carried through the plant starting at the roots, to individual pores on the underside of leaves. Once released the moisture becomes vapor, and as temperatures and outdoor humidity rise this process is accelerated, and plants can dry out if additional water is not provided.


Make the task of watering easier with the strategic placement of a variety of lightweight hoses, spigots, and watering cans to enable you to efficiently water only those plants that need it.

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