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Beautiful Pool Ideas for Your Home

By Botanical Decorators
February 8, 2016

Out of all the accoutrements that a more upscale home has that separates it from the run-of-the-mill residence, a lovely custom-built pool is probably the most significant. Not only does it allow you to put an artistic touch on a central gathering place for family and friends, but there’s no limit to the caliber of pool ideas that a capable architect can design.

Advantages of Backyard Pools

Of course, in addition to the artistic expression cited above, there are several practical—but no less important—benefits of having a pool built to your specifications:

  • Features not included in any traditional pool—such as jet-spas within or off to an adjacent side area, mini pools for smaller children, in-built water slides, etc.
  • The ability to control the water temperature (either manually or via remote control)
  • The use of landscape-enhancing materials, such as marble, granite, and others
  • The shape of the pool, itself; there are illimitable possibilities for the various contours you envisioned in your pool ideas

Backyard Pool Ellicott City, MD

All of these benefits and more are easily envisioned when you put your project in the hands of a professional company, with a proven track record of erecting memorable landscapes. Botanical Decorators has more than three decade’s worth of experience, racking up many local awards for the construction of patios, pools, estate landscapes, and more throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia.

A Robust Landscaping Portfolio

With our years of experience, there’s no shortage of pool ideas available. We’ve built every kind of custom pool imaginable; our catalog allows you to derive inspiration from previous works. You deserve to have the pool of your dreams, something that you can be proud of every time you enter your backyard!

Pool Landscaping MD

Our Award-Winning Alexandria Landscape: This custom pool has been described as breathtaking, and consists of a circle with a concentric series of steps as the centerpiece, as well as a contoured extension just a few feet beneath the main. It is the definition of a free-form pool that blends in with the environment.

Luxury Free-form Oasis in Ellicott City: The highlights of this proud piece are the custom stonework and the desert oasis feel rendered by the Ocean Blue Pebble Sheen finish. It is an absolute beauty to behold.

Read more about these two pool landscape design projects (and more!) by visiting our portfolio.

Are you ready to bring your pool ideas to life? Contact Botanical Decorators at your earliest convenience.


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