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Plan Your Custom Pool Installation Now and Be Ready for Summer

By Botanical Decorators
December 15, 2015

In the midst of the holiday season, optimizing your backyard for summer fun is probably the last thing on your mind. (Although, with our unseasonably warm weather this year, you may wish your yard was ready for summer now.) We know you’re busy spending time with family and friends, maybe even entertaining people in your home. So, you’re a long way off from thinking about the outdoor pool you’ve been wanting to add to your yard. However, when it comes time to move your parties from indoors to out, you’ll want your outdoor space ready to go.

If you wait for the seasons to change before you start planning your custom pool design and installation, you’ll end up wasting the first few weeks or month of summer. Instead, begin the plans for your new yard at the start of the new year!


Why Start Planning a Custom Pool Design Now?

Let’s get straight to the point. What are the biggest worries you have—or anyone has—when you plan an upgrade or addition to your home or yard? Time and money. You want to know how long it will take and how much it will cost. When it comes to a custom pool design and installation, those two factors are largely dependent on what you want to add to your yard. Having a pool installed is a large commitment, so you want to give yourself enough time to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and that you understand all of the associated costs.

Time — Allow yourself plenty of time to research different custom pool designs, especially if you know you have big plans for your new yard once your pool is in. There are a lot of small features you can have added to your pool to make it unique to your yard. You don’t want to rush through figuring out what you want in your design. This way, when you meet with your designer and contractor, you can be sure you’re telling them exactly what you want in that first meeting. This can avoid a lengthy design process in which you’re constantly changing your mind and the designer is constantly having to redraw your yard. Also, although it doesn’t happen every time, there is always the risk of something unexpected happening during your installation that throws off the timeline (bad weather, for example.) Don’t let your start of summer party be ruined! Plan your pool design and installation now.

Money — As the old saying goes, time is money, which means the two reasons you should plan your pool installation now go hand in hand. Some design firms will charge a fee for your custom pool design and then increase that fee every time they have to redesign and redraw the plan. Don’t let uncertainty drive up the costs of your dream yard. Also, if you decide in the middle of installation that you want a certain feature added to your pool, you’re either out of luck or you’re looking at a big cost increase. So, again, give yourself time to make sure you know what you want. Start looking before the winter ends, have your project started by spring, and be able to enjoy your new pool right when summer begins!

Custom Pools by Botanical Decorators

Looking for a licensed landscape design firm in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC to start working on your custom pool? Botanical Decorators can design and build you a luxury pool that’s unique to your outdoor space. We can create a beautiful oasis just for you with design elements such as a vanishing edge, waterfalls, or attached hot tubs. Look at some of the luxury pool designs we’ve brought to life for other clients here. Then, give us a call!

Contact us online or call Botanical Decorators at 301-948-6625 today to learn more about our custom pool design and installation services!


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