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Summer Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Yard

By Botanical Decorators
July 18, 2016

From simple DIY projects to beautiful professional installations, there are plenty of ways to light up your back yard for summer. Whether you plan to enjoy a romantic evening for two or a party with friends, this is the perfect season to enjoy time outside after dark! Get inspired by these summer outdoor lighting ideas:

Pathway Lighting

It’s helpful to have an illuminated outdoor path, both for safety reasons and aesthetics. Path lights can be as simple as individual solar fixtures you stake into the ground with built-in solar panels that provide hours of illumination after dark. You might also opt for wired pathway lighting for a more permanent installation.

Pool Lighting

If you have a backyard pool, underwater lighting gives you the option to swim after dark. It also creates a beautiful aesthetic perfect for entertaining guests.

Pool Lighting

Tiki Torches

Whether you’re hosting a Hawaiian-themed party or simply want to enjoy a bit of natural firelight, tiki torches are a great option. Stick them securely in the ground or in a large planter to ensure they don’t fall over. You can even use citronella oil so your tiki torches double as mosquito repellant!

Fire Pit or Fireplace

Outdoor lighting is even more inviting when it comes in the form of a crackling fire. You can choose to position a portable wood-burning fire pit on your patio for temporary fun, or you can have a permanent gas or wood-burning fire pit or outdoor fireplace professionally installed for a beautiful finished look. In addition to providing light, fire gives you the chance to roast marshmallows and cook food outside in the summer.

Tree Lighting

To create a romantic ambience, hang lights in your trees. Depending on the look you want to create, you might hang strands of lights, paper lanterns, or little bobbles. Be sure to run extension cords safely for the best results, and remember to remove this temporary outdoor lighting at the end of summer.

Landscaping Lighting MD

Patio Lighting

If you have a covered patio or outdoor kitchen area, overhead lighting is important for entertaining after dark. Achieving this can be as simple as hanging strand lights from the eaves or as high-end as installing wired pendant lights on the patio ceiling.

For help implementing any of these summer outdoor lighting ideas, contact Botanical Decorators today.


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