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7 Winter-Friendly Plants for Your Home’s Garden

By Botanical Decorators
December 11, 2017

Don’t give up on your garden just yet! Although spring and summer are known for their colorful blooms, you may be surprised that there are still plenty of cold-tolerant plants that can brighten up your outdoor space this winter. Here’s a list of our best winter-friendly plants for sprucing up your garden:

Best Plants for Winter

  • Hens and Chicks. It’s not what you’re thinking. Hens and Chicks is a variety of succulent, which have exploded in popularity due to their low-maintenance nature. Once established, they handle cold and drought well, and can add some color to your winter view.
  • Flowering Quince. A shrub known for its ability to flower even during the coldest months, the tenacious Flowering Quince can stretch up to 8 feet wide, and looks beautiful on fences or as hedging.
  • Boxwood hedge. Evergreen boxwood hedges can be grown and trimmed to create beautiful shapes and outlines. The added texture even looks beautiful in a garden covered in a blanket of snow!
  • Winterberry. A type of holly that loses its leaves in the fall, the plentiful red berries remain on the branches throughout the winter, providing a beautiful pop of color in an otherwise snowy scene.
  • Camellias. With pink-hued flowers that contrast beautifully with their evergreen foliage, these vigorous plants can bring beauty to a garden when most other plants are dormant.
  • Winter jasmine. Quite the climber, winter jasmine can grow up to 15 feet and is perfect for a trellis or adding some interest to a retaining wall.
  • Blue spruce. Although a popular variety for Christmas trees, the Colorado blue spruce is an iconic plant during the winter months, and looks great potted where it will receive plenty of sunlight.
  • And much more! Even during the cold and snowy winter that surrounds your D.C., Maryland, or Virginia home, there are a surprising amount of plants that provide beautiful accents and colors to your garden.

Consult a professional landscape designer who is an expert on what plants will work for your home!

Hardscape Design Ideas in Washington, DC

In addition to plants, hardscaping is a great way to add interest to your outdoor space and wow your guests. Having your hardscaping project done during the winter means that your space will be ready to use when you want to be outdoors! Here’s some options we like:

  • Outdoor fireplace. Adding this cozy element to your yard creates beautiful focal point and cozy space for your guests to even during the cold season.
  • Custom walkways. These landscape elements can add dimension and cohesiveness between your outdoor space and your home.
  • Add lighting. Because the sun sets earlier in the winter months, now is the perfect time to install elegant lighting fixtures to add both function and style.

Year-Round Landscaping Design Services in DC, MD & VA

There are a surprising number of things to consider when choosing the right winter plants and hardscaping designs. Choosing the right professional landscape designer makes the process easy. Botanical Decorators has been serving homeowners in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia for over 30 years—contact us today to help bring your winter garden vision to life!


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