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New Technology, Techniques Green Your Yard

By bizdatausa
August 19, 2010

New irrigation systems use drip tubing, low emitting heads, rain sensors and user-friendly computers to subtly deliver the proper amount of moisture to the landscape. Well-irrigated plants will be healthier and require less intervention with pesticides and other chemical treatments.

Local growers supply plant materials that are hardier and better suited to this temperate zone. These plants tend to need less water, fertilizer, and pesticide to stay healthy.  Delivery requires less fossil fuel.  We encourage the use of native plants.  Native selections support substantially larger numbers of beneficial insects.  These increased populations help to keep the local ecosystem active and healthy.

A low voltage light produces the same amount of light with significantly less energy expended than with line voltage systems. Longer lasting bulbs need to be replaced less frequently and this saves resources. A well designed system can limit the number of fixtures and,  more importantly, the overall wattage needed to light your property.

Expert Advice – On the Drawing Board

By bizdatausa
June 13, 2010

By Andrea Grossman/Home and Design Magazine Sep-Oct 2009

Creating the ideal backyard can be a difficult feat, but with the right plan and design team in place, it’s a challenge easily met. With crowded schedules and limited vacation time, homeowners are looking at their own

Botanical Decorators’ Brian Hahn created this poolside paradise complete with cascading waterfalls, color-changing lights, a decorative arbor and an outdoor grilling area.

backyards to give them a much-needed escape. Although existing terrain can dictate the type of landscaping that will best fit a space, clients’ ideas and lifestyles play a major role in the decision process. Whether your goal is a pool complete with a cascading waterfall or a picturesque patio for informal gatherings, with enough preparation your dream landscape can become a reality. Below, we present two recently completed, award-winning projects that perfectly illustrate how to arrive at a design that maximizes available space and meets client needs.

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Strength & Beauty: Exposed Concrete Aggregate

By bizdatausa
April 30, 2010

Providing the right color and texture for a patio is not restricted to traditional pavers, concrete, or asphalt. Adding exposed concrete aggregate to the mix can offer more alternatives that complement both color and finish to related stonework. Exposed aggregate surfaces provide the strength and durability of concrete with the beauty and natural look of stones. This project will include a grill station, patio, walkway, a lower patio, fire pit and a hot tub — a personal escape within their own property for this family and their friends. Here are some advantages to this finish, according to ConcreteNetwork:

    • The surface is rugged, nonskid, and resistant to heavy traffic and weather extremes.
    • Many types and sizes of decorative aggregate are available to achieve unlimited color and texture variations.
    • Exposed aggregate is highly versatile and contrasts beautifully with plain concrete or other decorative treatments such as stamping, stenciling, staining, and integral coloring.
    • Little maintenance is required, other than sealing and occasional cleaning

If you are looking for a spectacular finish to complement a unique patio area, ask Botanical Decorators for details about this alternative.



Sensational Scenes from Luxury Pools Magazine®

By bizdatausa
April 24, 2010

Photo: Stephen H. Wlodarczyk, Botanical Decorators

Multiple tiers offer guests the chance to discover their own special getaways. With steps leading from one entertainment spot to another and a roomy, elevated stone deck, swimmers and loungers alike can enjoy the peaceful venue—accompanied by the musical water feature along the stone wall.

Botanical Decorators’ approach to pool building is from the ground up. Each project begins with a comprehensive landscape master plan that addresses every component of an outdoor space. From selecting plant material and hardscapes to the pool coping and interior finish, every nuance is carefully planned and constructed.

Botanical Decorators, a landscape design/build firm, has been building luxury pool environments for 18 years. These custom outdoor spaces typically feature some type of watershape such as spectacular pools, oasis-like spas and unique fountains. Using innovative designs, the company’s team of landscape architects and craftsman implement the multiple phases of a project to produce a dramatic result. This process transforms an idea into an extraordinary venue that will provide years of enjoyment.

“We keep an expert staff on hand to ensure that every project is handled with efficiency and the highest level of customer service,” says Christopher J. Cahill, president and owner. “Our team focuses on the details, making sure the job gets done right the first time.”

Cahill believes that there is more to a poolscape than the pool—his philosophy involves blending the watershape into the contours of the landscape to create a seamless transition where no single element stands out. Botanical Decorators is not limited to the pool and landscape. They also skillfully incorporate architectural structures such as pool houses, pergolas and fireplaces. “We artfully blend hardscape and softscape elements to create exceptional outdoor living spaces,” says Cahill.

Botanical Decorators’ philosophy is that outdoor spaces are not just built, they evolve, and the staff is committed to ensuring long-term success. This dedication has resulted in a number of regional and national awards, including Washington Spaces, multiple Grand Awards from the Landscape Contractors Association of Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, as well as the Aqua Choice Award selected by a national trade magazine from among the nation’s leading pool builders.

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