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What Are the Best Winter Plants for My Garden?

By Botanical Decorators
January 18, 2017

Spring is often praised for being the season of bright, colorful gardens and cheerful landscapes, while winter is thought of as a dull and lifeless. Many homeowners, especially in areas with sometimes harsh winters like Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, think a winter landscape is just not possible—but that could not be further from the truth!

There are plenty of winter plants that can bring life to your garden, even during the coolest months of the year. And with the right landscape design service on your side, your garden can become the envy of the neighborhood!


How to Landscape in Winter

By Botanical Decorators
December 9, 2016

With winter right around the corner, snowy yards and freezing temperatures are inevitable for those of us in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. But what does winter mean for your landscape? You’re likely picturing dead foliage, decaying leaves, and snow trodden grounds—and mixed with the gray skies we often see during the winter, it’s not a pretty thought.

How do you landscape during winter? “You don’t,” you probably thought. Fortunately, that’s simply not true—with the right landscape design service, any season can be the perfect season to turn your yard into a masterpiece.


Deer-Resistant Plants for Your Garden

By Botanical Decorators
November 15, 2016

You’ve designed a beautiful garden—so beautiful, in fact, that it’s the envy of the neighborhood. Now, the last thing you want to worry about is a pesky deer destroying your breathtaking blooms and lavish foliage. But, if you plant the wrong shrub or perennial, your garden may not stand a chance against these super grazers—deer will even leap over fences to devour their next meal of newly planted flowers.

To keep these curious critters away, you’ll want to select plants that are unappetizing. While no plant is 100% deer-proof—a hungry deer will eat just about anything!—there are certain plants that are rarely damaged by deer and still allow you to create eye-catching displays in your yard. Deer will likely not bother a garden with unappetizing plants—including poisonous plants, strongly flavored plants, and plants with hairy or furry leaves.

If you need more information on deer-resistant plants for your garden in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia, contact Botanical Decorators today!


How Can You Protect Your Garden from Deer?

By Botanical Decorators
September 19, 2016

Fall is a great season—beautiful weather and pumpkin spice treats. What’s not to love, right? But if your garden is your prized possession, this is the time of year where deer are really active, and it doesn’t bode well for your plants!


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