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Fall Foliage: Plants with Color

By Botanical Decorators
October 9, 2015

Landscaping in the mid-Atlantic fall is an opportunity to bring unique color and texture to your property. Consider these hardy blooms for planting.



Mid-Atlantic Plantings for Fall

  • Asters – Asters thrive in loamy soil and enjoy both shade and partial sun. They will bring vivid shades of red, pink, purple, and white to your fall landscape.
  • Indian pink – Blooming with red tubular flowers that burst into bright yellow spikes at their tops, the Indian pink also boasts vivid green leaves. Hummingbirds love them.
  • Inkberry holly – This charming clump-forming bush bears glossy, dark green leaves and deep black berries. It can grow up to 3-4 feet tall and tolerates shade well.
  • Mums – Mums may seem pedestrian—they are a common fall motif, after all—but they come in so many delightful varieties that you can build a truly kaleidoscopic scene with them. Make sure you purchase garden mums, which are well-suited to the outdoors, rather than florist mums, which are not.
  • Pansies – Plant these classic beauties at the end of summer and you’ll have bountiful blooms by winter. Water pansies regularly to keep them healthy and clear any dead or faded flowers as soon as they appear.
  • Red twig dogwood – This blazingly beautiful shrub can grow up to 8’ tall. Although they bear small white flowers and whitish, blue-green berries, they are prized for their bright red twigs, which reach their peak color in winter. Prune your red twig dogwood often to keep it as vibrant as possible.
  • Toad lilies – Colorful and spirited, the orchid-like toad lily loves to bloom in fall. These low maintenance flowers boast speckled white petals and grow best in damp soil and light shade.
  • Turtlehead – If you like pink and rose shades to last into fall, plant turtleheads. Their flowers, which resemble, yes, turtles’ heads, feature creamy petals deeply saturated with color. Birds love them.
  • Virginia sweetspire – The fiery orange blooms on this shrub make it ideal fall foliage. It can tolerate partial shade, but if you want the brightest colors, plant it in full sun. The Virginia sweetspire is reasonably drought-tolerant and makes an excellent shrub border.


Landscaping Services in DC, Maryland, and Viriginia



Give your outdoor space the attention it deserves. At Botanical Decorators, we work with you to not only beautify your property, but also make it a part of your home that is livable and enjoyable for years to come.

Plantings for DC-Area Landscapes

Having a mix of plantings is critical to bringing color and seasonal interest to any landscaping project. Our landscapers are knowledgeable in the types of plants best suited to the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area and can offer recommendations to complement your aesthetic preferences. We can create a stunning design with a range of colors and textures that balance one another and install new plants, flowers, and trees throughout your outdoor living space.

Our plant designs are often used as focal points and to provide definition and privacy, serving as the finishing touches to many of our landscaping projects.

Ongoing Landscaping Maintenance

We can take care of the ongoing maintenance needs of your landscaping to ensure your plants stay healthy and your design remains fresh. Our landscapers will keep your property polished and pristine through seasonal visits catering to your individual needs.

To learn more about plants that thrive and bloom in fall, or to schedule a consultation, please call Botanical Decorators at 301-948-6625 or contact us online.


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