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By TMA_Admin
July 6, 2012

Landscape Contractor National’s 2007 Best Lighting Effects
Compiled by Erik Skindrud, regional editor

What is the state of the art in landscape lighting? The showcase we present here is our attempt to answer the question in April, 2007. Anyone connected to this branch of landscaping knows that it’s hot and it’s been growing by leaps and bounds. The technology continues to progress, and established designers and contractors are seeing how competition has been heating up as more and more savvy professionals enter the field. But the test of lighting skill and talent, of course, only happens when the sun sets in the west each evening. Landscape lighting is a domain where skilled professionals have the advantage. Experience allows installers and designers to complete competent work that builds a reputation and ensures steady business.

We present the following group of photos to recognize jobs well done and share a few design hints without giving away all these lighting professionals’ secrets. (That just wouldn’t be fair; the following contributors took the time to send these fine photographs in.) So, relax, and enjoy the show. . .

Botanical Decorators has been serving Virginia for more than 30 years, employing landscape architects and lighting professionals for residential work that has captured multiple design awards. In the photo view below, path lights with LN-10 T3 bulbs gently illuminate the way to this pool. In-ground fixtures (35watt MR-16) highlight the multi-stem branching of the crapemyrtles. In coordination with Browning Pools, fiber optic lighting was installed in the sheer-descent waterfalls. The system uses a high-intensity light driver with a crystal color wheel to produce a dazzling effect. The main pool lights have a polarized lenses that reduces reflection and prevents bats and insects from being attracted to the area.

Below, the design for this poolside retreat includes the location of light fixtures in the pergola for sustained ambiance throughout the evening. Specialty light fixtures (DL-2236, 35watt MR-16) hidden between the beams of the pergola softly illuminate the lounge area to create an inviting atmosphere around the pool. A blue lens filter helps bring out the natural colors of Pennsylvania flagstone.

Recessed wall lights (LN-10 T3 bulbs) are built into the stone retaining wall at right in the bottom picture, and provide a professional, custom look and place light in an area that a path light cannot reach. White deck post lights softly illuminate the steps up to the deck. In ground fixtures (35watt MR-16) highlight the crapemyrtles. This home is at the Golf Estates development at Laytonsville, Md.


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