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Project Description

Talk about long term relationships! We had the pleasure of working with these clients for over 12 years and are still planning a couple of projects for their Clarksville, MD landscape design. We began our relationship in 1997 with the installation of their tennis court. In 1999 the rear patio, deck area, and grilling station were constructed as well as the first front foundation plantings.

Our next challenge with this Clarksville landscape design was in 2001 with the design and construction of the guest house. In 2002 our clients contacted us to renovate the pool and pool landscape. That fall we re-landscaped the front foundation and rear patio areas after a major renovation to the main house. We also added low voltage lighting during landscape maintenance.

The driveway was reconfigured with a parking court for four cars in the spring of 2003. The fall of 2003 saw a major overhaul of the plantings around the balance of the property.

The last major addition was in 2005 when we constructed a 130 ft. long stone and stucco wall along the south side of the property to ensure privacy from a new neighbor. The planting of this wall followed. We have continually provided landscape maintenance for this Clarksville landscape design on a quarterly basis since we started their first project in 1997.

Landscape Maintenance

Our clients’ major request was that the property be warm and welcoming to their friends from all walks of life, while maintaining a respect for the simplicity of the 1970s ranch style that they loved so much. Our clients wanted only the best when it came to materials, plantings, and landscape maintenance practices for their Clarksville landscape design projects.

The extraordinary success of our landscape company over the last decade can be linked directly to the faith that these clients had in us. They allowed us to use their property to stretch our company's capabilities and grow to the next level and for that we are thankful! Contact our landscape company for a Clarksville landscape design and ongoing landscape maintenance.

Project Challenges

Tennis Court Design

We encountered our first challenge the day we walked on to the property. Our clients wanted a tennis court for their Clarksville landscape design and the only flat area large enough was in the front yard. That wouldn't do.

So, we engineered the tennis court in the side yard where there’s a slope away from the house. An additional 4 ft. of grade was removed from under portions of the court so that compactable fill could be used as a stable base for the court. The lower side of the court has 10 ft. of engineered fill. Twelve years later and there’s not one crack on the courts surface—thanks to our expert installation job and ongoing landscape maintenance.

Guest House Design

Our second challenge was fitting the guest house design between the main house and the tennis court in this Clarksville landscape design. With less than 40 ft. between the two and over a full story change in grade, we had our work cut out for us. We solved the problem with a full basement to the guest house, intended for storage. The basement required a turned down spread footing on the lower side of the property adjacent to the tennis court. A 35 ft. portion of the retaining wall was removed to achieve this and rebuilt after the foundation was in. The tennis court was never disturbed.

We also needed to relocate the septic tanks to maintain a gravity fed system. Permitting a second residence on the property had its own set of challenges from wells to septic and running a new electrical feed from the road. It was just like building a new home.

Lastly the construction of the stone and stucco barrier wall on the far side of the pool required a separate construction road to access this area and one of the largest concrete pumps available.

Landscape Company Serving Clarksville, MD

Looking for a Clarksville landscape design and recurring landscape maintenance? Our work on this Clarksville landscape design has been recognized throughout the DC metropolitan area for the guest house, tennis court design, patio area, and much more.

This is just one of many award-winning landscape designs our firm has created.

Contact our landscape company serving Clarksville, MD and other parts of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.


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