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Ellicott City, MD – Custom Estate Landscape Masterplan with Pool

Project Description

The beauty of this Ellicott City landscaping project is its sheer scale. Our clients wanted a property that has a classic estate style feel with an edge, but is not ostentatious. We were the landscape company for them.

Originally, the driveway was a straight line between the road and the garage; it now gently curves its way up to the arrival court as you pass through groves of Cherry trees. Additional parking areas were created as well.

Walkway & Retaining Wall Design

The walkway sweeps around the house so you can appreciate the whole design. The grade was cut down and a retaining wall design added; this allowed us to visually raise the house out of the grade and create a more gracious entry up to the front door than originally planned.

The retaining wall design in front of the house was created to assist in centering the front door. It also took the emphasis off of the dining room by eliminating access from the garden to the lanai. The plantings are simple and gracious, letting the front door be the focus.

Backyard Landscaping & Plantings

In this Ellicott City landscaping project, we separated the major components of the backyard with long walks accented by landscape plantings. When you enter the garden from the main level of the house, you are greeted by a sweeping set of steps that welcome you to the grand patio. When we say grand, we are referring to 1700 sq. ft. of terraces, stairs, and patio areas in this one location. Sitting walls, planting pockets, and a grilling station make the space feel warm.

As you leave this area, you step onto a walkway that is 220 ft. long and leads to the tennis court with an adjunct to the pool. A side entryway brings you to the center of the pool area with the house to your left and the pool house to your right. The pool house is a three season space with a retractable screen system. You’ll pass through a gate and under the Crape Myrtles into this private sanctuary.

We also incorporated the following amenities into this Ellicott City landscaping project:

A custom deck off the rear of the pool house provides views to the tennis court, which is nestled in at the rear of the property at a grade 16 ft. below the main level of the house. Contact our landscape company in Ellicott City, MD to transform your home with amenities like these.

Project Challenges

Our clients moved from a very modest home in a Columbia development to their dream house nearly five times as large. Despite the move up, they didn’t want their property to feel flashy or imposing to their friends. They hired our landscape company in Ellicott City, MD for our understanding of large scale properties and our understated sense of style.

Our relationship with these clients started the day after the builder poured the foundation and cut the rough grade of the property. Our clients realized that they were in trouble and that their original landscape architect had failed them. We had just finished an adjacent property and they loved our work. We established an instant rapport with our clients that allowed us to complete this Ellicott City landscaping project in less than one year so they could get their certificate of occupancy.

Swimming Pool & Tennis Court Construction

Engineering the grades on a property with a 21 ft. fall to the rear of the property was our greatest challenge during this Ellicott City landscaping project. Two very large areas needed flat spaces: the tennis court and the swimming pool. The soils on site were not compactable, requiring us to bring in hundreds of truckloads of engineered fill. Grading and compacting for the tennis court took 10 days with a soil engineer on site the entire time.

The pool was constructed in the area where the builder cut the drainage swale through the property. This area was raised an average of six feet to insure that we could get the water to drain around the pool and pool house. We expanded the pool house to two stories high on the rear side to capture the grade difference, creating 800 sq. ft. of storage on the lower level.

The tennis court was the first priority for the husband and the last thing the wife wanted to view in her backyard. Our client is a semi-pro level tennis player so the court had to be positioned perfectly to the sun; this was completely opposite to the natural topography, creating a 12 ft. change in grade across the tennis court. Nothing was going to stop us from providing the client exactly what he wanted, resulting in the completion of an award-winning Ellicott City landscaping project.

Landscape Company in Ellicott City, MD

Botanical Decorators incorporated a tennis court, swimming pool, dining area, outdoor kitchen, and a variety of other features into this Ellicott City landscaping project, creating an outdoor space that meets all of our clients’ needs. We pay the same attention to detail in each of our projects, gaining recognition as an award-winning landscape company serving Ellicott City, MD and other parts of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

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