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Outdoor Living Room in Northwest D.C.

Project Description

This home was built in the early 60s on an infill lot in Wesley Heights, D.C. that once served as the backyard to the neighboring property. When we began construction, the houses remained so close together that the neighboring garage encroached into this one by eight inches, tightening access into the property.

Building the Outdoor Living Room

We tackled the spacing challenge by excavating 76 tons of materials by hand and removing them by wheelbarrow. We also used wheelbarrows to import 110 tons of:

  • Stone
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Soil
  • And plant materials

In total, 14 trees were removed. We had to excavate around the ones that were saved with an air spade in order to salvage the root system, putting over 5,000 man-hours of labor into building the new outdoor living room and surrounding landscape. But it was well worth the extra time—the end result is stunning!

Our clients in Wesley Heights now have twice as much usable space on the lower level of their landscape. What’s more, the outdoor living room can be accessed from an informal dining room, a more formal living room, and the new family room—and visitors can enjoy views of the patios and fireplace from each of these spaces as well.

Using new French doors to connect the garden with the outdoor living room and home, guests are naturally guided in and out of this space, making it possible for our clients to entertain over 200 visitors at a time since the design was implemented.

Project Challenges

When our clients contacted us to begin work on this outdoor living room in Northwest D.C., they were expecting their first child. They wanted a safe, level lawn area to play with their children and enjoy the many views the garden has to offer.

The upper level of the yard was virtually unusable at the time. Now, it serves as the perfect backyard escape for adults and children alike with gardens containing over 60 varieties of plants so something is always in bloom! And with a hammock and Adirondack chairs strategically placed, our clients can enjoy their new outdoor living room in comfort and style.

Building an Outdoor Living Room in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.?

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