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Rehobeth Beach House – Pool Courtyard and Landscaping

Project Description

This home courtyard and landscape design was a very special project for us. We were involved from its initial inspection through completion, allowing us to build an award-winning landscape for our clients.

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The Home Courtyard

The landscape design is centered around an inner home courtyard with a pool, visible from all rooms of the house. We created a landscape design with a front porch, arbors, and a glass wall to bring all the pieces together.

A custom fence connects the garage to the pool house. It was constructed with the same materials as the house, seamlessly completing the enclosed garden design.

The Parking Court & Center Courtyard

The architecture of the house is clean and so is the landscape. Note the eight cherries that are in a perfect cubed layout. The skip laurel hedge provides privacy from the road and adds an enclosed home courtyard area to the front of the landscape.

The parking court with its circular cobblestone inlay softens the layout of the home courtyard, while providing an illusion of additional space in what is a very tight alcove connected to the garage.

Ornamental grasses accentuate the circle and elongate the space. The arbor and reed glass wall lets light into the home courtyard area, while adding privacy and scale to both the parking court and inner center courtyard.

The entry to the center courtyard also acts as the main entrance to the house in Mediterranean fashion. The dappled shade from the shade master locust sets the mood instantly, creating a private sanctuary in this beach landscape design. Pocket gardens filled with color also provide a place for the owners’ sculptures and artifacts.

Custom Pool Design & Lounge Areas

The custom pool design features a dramatic 8 foot waterfall that fills the space with the sound of water and creates a dramatic visual effect. We also developed areas for

  • dining
  • gathering with friends to chat
  • relaxing in the hot tub
  • showering after a swim
  • grilling a quick meal
  • lounging in the sun
  • grabbing cocktails

The house and guest house were designed using the entire building envelope. This way, a large home courtyard can fit in the space with just enough room for the landscape elements our clients requested.

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Project Challenges

Our clients had a wish list for their landscape design that included:

  • A pool with a waterfall
  • A screened-in porch with retractable screens
  • A hot tub
  • An outdoor shower
  • A seating area with patio furniture
  • An outdoor dining area
  • And room for oversized chases

Special Exceptions for the Custom Pool Design

A special exception was required to build the waterfall wall at the end of the pool because it was too close to the property line. We needed this extra distance to create the proper flow around to the spa on one side and the outdoor shower on the other. Both of these items sit in what is technically the side yard and also needed special approval before construction.

The turning radius into the garage was so tight that we needed to come within 2.5 ft. of the chimney on the left side. Please note how the circle inlay disguises this and allows for more planting at the front entrance.

Because the front entrance is part of the driveway, cars cannot be parked in front of the door. For this reason, we created a two car turn off so visitors can park close to the house without blocking the entrance.

We maximized the impervious space on the property and installed decking for the front porch, around the hot tub, and in the shower area. The need for the home courtyard to be close to the first floor grade required a rubber membrane to be installed all along the house, protecting the sill plates and framing of the house. We also raised the garage foundation 2 ft. on the pool side to accommodate the change in grade.

Washington, D.C. Landscape Company

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