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Waterfalls, Fountains & More

Water Features for Landscapes in MD, Northern VA & DC Homes

Water Feature Design & Installation

The art of introducing water into garden designs has been continually refined for centuries. From modern reflection pools to natural meandering streams, the movement of water can be symbolic, thought-provoking, and inviting.

At Botanical Decorators, our creative landscape designers can bring the element of water into your outdoor space with the addition of fantastic fountains and water features. We have been serving neighborhoods throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC for over 30 years. Our many experiences have allowed us to develop unique expertise in our craft and the ability to tailor our designs precisely to our clients’ visions and the surrounding landscape.

If you live in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, or DC area and wish to take your landscape design to the next level, we’ll work with you to create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Contact us, and be prepared to be swept away with water features to take your breath away!

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Custom Fountains Throughout MD, Northern VA & DC

At Botanical Decorators, we create custom fountains designed to give your landscape an artistic element or serve as a focal point in a gardenpatio design, or swimming pool area. Our creative landscape team is skilled in building stylistic, artistic water features and designing fountains in a way that accentuates the soothing sounds of flowing water.

Our water features have been known to offer the most breathtaking views and create a mood of serenity that will transform your backyard into an outdoor retreat. Some of the fountains we design and install include:

  • Stand-alone fountains. A benefit to installing stand-alone fountains is that they can be placed wherever you’d like, whether it be within your deck plan, patio design, or outdoor kitchen area. A bubbling urn, for instance, is a great choice in terms of aesthetics and is also relatively low-maintenance.
  • Garden fountains. The garden is an especially appealing place to introduce water into your landscape, as garden fountains can be incredibly effective in giving a landscape the look and feel of a backyard oasis. Garden fountains may be mounted on a wall, freestanding, tiered, or disappearing.
  • Pool fountains. Our landscape designers can add fountains or laminar jets to your custom pool design, creating a visually pleasing element in your swimming pool area.
  • Wall fountains. Wall fountains are a great choice for incorporating water into your landscape design, especially if you live in an urban setting with limited space.

water feature installation and design in dc, md, va

More Water Features for Your Landscape

A fountain isn’t the only way to introduce the sound of water into your space and create a calming atmosphere. The Botanical Decorators landscape team offers a variety of unique water features that can be displayed as subtle works of art or stunning focal features for our clients in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Water features to consider for your landscape may include:

  • Sheer descent water feature. A sheer descent waterfall is a gorgeous addition to any swimming pool design. The water’s steady flow is one way to create a soothing environment in your backyard. In fact, one of our award-winning landscape designs, a contemporary Mediterranean garden in Alexandria, received recognition in part because of the 8-inch sheer descent waterfall we installed, which can be viewed from the house.
  • Ponds. We install ponds of all kinds, including koi ponds, which feature beautiful koi fish swimming through the pond to add a unique naturalistic water element to your property. If you desire a different type of pond, our landscape designers can also build other variations tailored to your preferences.

Contact us the landscape designers at Botanical Decorators to get started on your water feature!

Water Features for Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are becoming an integral part of a custom backyard space, particularly for homes in Maryland and Virginia. They can be viewed as water features in and of themselves, but can also feature a variety of water components to enhance the calming effect of the flowing water and provide added visual interest.

We offer the following poolside water features:

  • Waterfalls. We can add a waterfall wherever you’d like in your custom pool area, creating an oasis vibe in your backyard. We can also include swimming pool grottos into your waterfall design, allowing you to swim through an enclosed space while listening to the soothing sounds of flowing water above.
  • Waterfalls from a hot tub. We can build a waterfall where water flows from your hot tub to your swimming pool as one way to add a distinctive look to your pool area.
  • Vanishing edge. If you want to add a dramatic flair to your landscape, consider a vanishing edge. This style water feature includes a sudden edge, as if you’re looking over a cliff.
  • Infinity pool. Incorporating an infinity pool into your swimming pool design is another way to add drama to your landscape. The infinity pool creates the illusion that the water flows endlessly into the distance. 

Hot tub water fall in the DC area

Installing Water Features & Fountains in MD, VA & DC for Over 30 Years

If you’re considering a water feature or fountain for your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC area home, there are several components to consider. It’s important to think about style and function, but also maintenance. Self-contained fountains are fairly low-maintenance, whereas ponds and pools tend to require more upkeep. We can offer recommendations for you or provide you with a landscape maintenance plan to eliminate worry over ongoing efforts.

Our water features and fountains are the perfect complement to any backyard landscape, particularly in combination with swimming pools and gardens. We can give your landscape the complete look with a colorful garden design incorporating fountains or build your custom pool complete with the water features of your choice.

No matter your needs for water feature design in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, we will create a final product to make your yard look, and feel, like paradise. Contact us to discuss your project today.

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Our Water Feature Design & Installation Service Area in DC, Maryland & Virginia

At Botanical Decorators, we provide water feature design services and other landscape design to areas throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

We provide services in Maryland to residents of Annapolis, Ashton, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Clarksburg, Clarksville, Columbia, Darnestown, Ellicott City, Gaithersburg, Glenwood, Potomac, Rockville, Sandy Spring, Silver Spring, and Urbana.

In Northern Virginia, we offer our services to residents of Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Great Falls, McLean, Reston, and Vienna.

We also serve all of Washington, DC.


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