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Adding Color to Your Landscape with Summer Annuals

By Botanical Decorators
May 29, 2015

With the weather finally warming up, and seemingly staying that way, it’s finally starting to feel like summer in Maryland! But as you step outdoors for the first time, you may find that your outdoor living space is not as ready as you are. Now is the time to add touches of color to your deck or patio to ensure you have the perfect, summer-ready design you’ve been waiting to enjoy all winter.

Container Plants for Patios & Decks

Use of colorful plants is integral to creating the ideal outdoor living space for your DC-area home. We recommend installing a combination of container-filled plants with flowering shrubs, trees, and nearby flower beds. Summer annuals in particular tend to be very successful.

Colorful Flowers to Spruce Up Your Landscape Design

Hort Couture annuals, a new line of designer annuals, are especially effective as container plantings known to bring vibrant color and a unique look to any property. With endless varieties to choose from, it is easy to find a Hort Couture annual that suits your aesthetic tastes and complements the surrounding décor.


Proven Winners annuals are another popular and extremely beautiful option. Known not only for their bright color blooms, but also for their easy maintenance, Proven Winners annuals will provide you with big blossoms throughout the entire summer season.


Bring Annual Planters to Your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC Home

No matter how beautiful or extravagant your deck may be, it’s often the flowers and plants that bring it to life and complete the look of an outdoor oasis. And while it may be too late to install certain types of plants or gardens, summer annuals in containers can be still be used to bring a splash of color to your property before your next backyard party.

At Botanical Decorators, we have years of experience in garden design and plant installation. We know which annuals are best for the DC area’s climate and soil conditions and can provide an expert recommendation for you. Whether you are interested in Proven Winners or Hort Couture, or you want to hear more options for colorful summer annuals, we can assist you through the selection, design, and installation processes.

We serve residents in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. For more information or to bring annual planters to your landscape today, contact us to request a consultation.


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