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Building a Sustainable Landscape Design

By Botanical Decorators
May 6, 2014

Want to ensure your new landscape design is eco-friendly and built to last? Building a sustainable landscape design in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. requires attention to detail from the very beginning. From site preparation through construction, various steps must be taken to ensure the end result is sensitive to the environment, while still accomplishing your goals for a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

Choosing a landscape company that understands the fine details of building a sustainable landscape design, and has experience doing so, is critical to the success of your project. So if you’re looking for a firm with a vision for green landscaping and experience putting their ideas to work, know that Botanical Decorators can fulfill your every need. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or keep reading to learn how we can help you build your sustainable landscape design in the D.C. metropolitan area!

How to Build a Sustainable Landscape Design

At Botanical Decorators, we subscribe to the three “R’s”: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. Our goal is to help you build a sustainable landscape design using fewer natural resources, and ensure the end result is as aesthetically pleasing as it is environmentally friendly. In our experience, we’ve found the following components to be critical to building a sustainable landscape design in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. areas:

  • Proper drainage – installing downspouts underground or a silt fence for better soil absorption and to eliminate water runoff.
  • Proper site preparation – limiting the area that’s to be disturbed by preparing thoughtful landscape designs before beginning construction.
  • Renewable materials – implementing recycled materials whenever possible and installing green systems like green roofs, cisterns, or pervious pavers.
  • Recycling – separating materials to determine what can be reused—items like nursery pots, old concrete, and compost.
  • Thoughtful soil and bed preparation – conducting soil tests to determine exactly what’s needed so as to limit the amounts of natural resources (fertilizer, soil amenities, etc.) needed and using eco-friendly soils made from organic matter.

When we work to create a sustainable landscape design in the Maryland area, we thoroughly plan each phase of the project to ensure each fine detail is taken care of. That means using renewable materials whenever possible, establishing clear boundaries for our landscape work before beginning construction, installing the latest in green systems, and more. To learn more about our sustainable landscape design practices, please contact us today.

Build a Sustainable Landscape Design in Washington, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia

At Botanical Decorators, we have a passion for green landscaping and a deep understanding for what it takes to create a sustainable landscape design in the D.C. area. Our designers and builders can work with you to produce an end result that’s all you envisioned and more, and you can rest assured that we’ll use the latest eco-friendly solutions and procedures every step of the way.

For a sustainable landscape design in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. that’s sensitive to the surroundings and long-lasting, contact Botanical Decorators today.


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