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Design-Build in Silver Spring, MD

At Botanical Decorators, we have a passion for transforming Silver Spring-area homes. For over 30 years, we have put this passion to use in design-build projects throughout the region. In fact, our design-build service became so prominent that it eventually became a company of its own—our sister company, Cahill Design Build. Today, we work together to provide Silver Spring, MD residents with high-quality design-build services for their landscapes and their homes.

Whether you would like to build out your outdoor space, such as with a pool house or another structure, or you are interested in remodeling your home with Cahill Design Build, we will make sure you get connected to the right person with the best vision for your project. Contact us to speak with one of our experts today!

Visit Cahill Design Build to learn more about our sister site>>

Outdoor Design-Build in Silver Spring

Our specialty lies in Silver Spring, MD landscape design, and our outdoor structures play an important role in making each project unique, beautiful, and functional. We handle each outdoor design-build project in-house for our Silver Spring-area clients and will provide you with a single point of contact (your designer) who will guide you through all stages of your project from beginning to end. This may include the design, architecture, construction, and installation phases, along with any electrical, plumbing, or HVAC details needed to complete the project.

Our outdoor design-build service includes:

Interior Design-Build through Cahill Design Build

Due to growing demand, our interior design-build services in Silver Spring, MD are now handled by our sister company, Cahill Design Build. This allows us to better advance our specialties in both remodeling and landscaping.

Through our design-build firm, we are able to offer Silver Spring-area residents:

Request a Consultation for Design-Build in Silver Spring

At Botanical Decorators, we want to help you build the home of your dreams!

Cahill Design Build emerged after we had such success with our in-house design-build services that our best clients started suggesting we open a separate firm to provide even more services. The company’s first project consisted of an addition and kitchen renovation worth over a quarter million dollars—and the results were simply extraordinary.

Today, we continue to offer the highest quality design-build services throughout Silver Spring, MD through the combined work of both entities. Request a consultation with one of our design-build professionals, and we will connect you with the best person for the job, whether that’s a designer with Cahill Design Build or a landscaper on our team.


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