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Fall Landscaping Ideas

By Botanical Decorators
August 22, 2013

The temperature in the Maryland area has been dropping, leaving us with a nice cool breeze and one thing on our minds: fall. While some of us will miss summer, there’s a lot to look forward to in the fall. Not only do we get a break from the summer humidity, but it’s a perfect time to get some landscaping work done—and to fully enjoy your landscape without the heat bogging you down!

Landscape Maintenance

Routine lawn care is important for your property in the fall. The weather is ideal for fertilization, aeration, and seeding, allowing grasses to grow strongly. It’s also a great time to install landscape plantings and gardens, giving you the opportunity to add seasonal color to your property and install fall-blooming perennials that can act as the finishing touch to your landscape.

Lawn Maintenance Tips

Fall is the ideal time to take care of your lawn and ensure it’s in good condition to last through the winter and look great again the spring. Here are a few tips for maintaining your yard:

  • Mulching
  • Aerating and seeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Raking and composting leaves
  • Planting trees and shrubs
  • Mowing (be sure the grass is dry)
  • Filling in bald spots with lawn repair mixture

Fall Landscaping Ideas for Your MD, DC, or VA Home

Of course fall is a great time for general landscape maintenance—but the weather is ideal for other reasons as well. You may be interested, for instance, in outdoor entertaining. The fall weather is not only perfect to enjoy any outdoor features you may have, from the outdoor kitchen to the patio area, but it’s also ideal for installing the landscaping elements you’ve always wanted.

Some autumn landscaping ideas to consider include:

  • Outdoor fireplace installation. The nights may be darker and the weather chillier, but fall is still a great time to enjoy the outdoors—and an outdoor fireplace can extend the use of your landscape. Not only will it create warmth on those cooler nights but it will also help light up your space for evening parties.
  • Outdoor lighting installation. Similarly, outdoor lighting can light up your fall parties and set the mood for a romantic evening in your backyard. It can also provide added safety in any walkways or pathways that tend to get darker on those fall nights.
  • Outdoor grill installation. Of course, your backyard lighting isn’t as important without something to illuminate. Installing an outdoor grill station can provide you with a space to enjoy the fall foliage and your new plantings, while also serving as the perfect spot for a fall barbeque and outdoor entertaining.

These are just some fall landscaping ideas to consider. Of course, you can also opt to have a new deck installed or a pool house—maybe even the greenhouse you’ve been dreaming of! Check out our other landscaping services for more ideas.

Autumn Landscaping in Maryland, Washington, DC & Virginia

Need help bringing your fall landscaping ideas to life or planning routine landscape maintenance? The landscape designers, craftsmen, and horticulturists at Botanical Decorators can help. We provide fall landscaping to help you brighten up your landscape with colorful gardens and creating fun, functional spaces to enjoy during the warm, sunny days and cool, breezy nights of fall.

The earlier you book your fall landscaping projects, the better. Contact us today for fall landscaping in Columbia, Darnestown, Fairfax, or another city in the DC metropolitan area.


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