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Fall & Winter Exterior Home Improvement Projects to Consider

By Botanical Decorators
October 3, 2019

Outdoor fireplace in Washington, DC area

While many homeowners in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas will tackle their outdoor home improvement projects in the spring and summer, the cooler months of fall and winter are excellent times to complete certain outdoor projects.

With less demand on the construction professionals and on your outdoor spaces, fall and winter give you the chance to add curb appeal to your home and prepare for the outdoor living demands of spring and summer.

Are you considering some fall or winter projects? Here are some that can work well for this season.

Painting Projects

If your home’s siding or any of your outdoor living structures are in need of a fresh coat of paint, late fall or early winter works well. Consider power-washing on a mild weekend, as this will remove flaking paint and other dirt and debris. Then, have the pros come in and add a fresh coat of paint. The temperatures this time of year are still plenty warm to allow the paint to dry and cure, and lower humidity will actually help the process along.

Improve Walking Paths

The wet and potentially snowy weather of winter can create problems if you have any loose paving stones or cracks in your sidewalks, which can expand. Use the early fall and winter months to have these repaired, or to design a new walkway altogether. If you’re considering a pathway remodel in the future, tackle this before the winter hits in full force, and you will have a safe walking path to use even if the weather turns frigid.

Clean, Repair & Store Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture takes a beating throughout the summer. If it needs a little TLC, now is the time to do it. This will help it weather the winter well, so it’s ready for use when spring temperatures hit. If you have any built-in furniture, consider having it inspected and repaired professionally to ensure no problems have popped up over the course of the summer.

Add an Outdoor Fireplace

Who says you can’t enjoy your outdoor living space in the winter? If cold temperatures are the problem, consider adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. You can gather around it with your hot chocolate even in the middle of winter and continue enjoying your outdoor living space.

Need Assistance for Your Fall & Winter Projects?

If you are considering some of these fall or winter outdoor remodeling or maintenance projects, give the team at Botanical Decorators a call. Put our experience to work for you this season, and you will be ready for a fun spring and summer spent enjoying your outdoor living spaces.

Call 301-948-6625 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.


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