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Fire Pit & Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

By Botanical Decorators
January 23, 2018

From the time that it was first discovered, people have been gathering around and mesmerized by fire. Thanks to modern conveniences, it is no longer a necessity for cooking, heating, or protection. However, an outdoor fire remains equally as popular on chilly evenings, or any time family or friends gather outside. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate this cozy, warm glow into your backyard landscape, look no further; here is a list of ideas to get you started.

Outdoor Fireplace Design

Professional backyard landscape design does more than just increase the value of your property. With the right elements in place, it can significantly enhance your lifestyle by providing additional space for entertaining, encouraging time spent with friends and family, and extending the outdoor season with the addition of fire for light and warmth. An outdoor fireplace is built to the same specifications as an indoor model, with a chimney, firebox, flue, and hearth. However, there are also the added benefits of fresh air and a starry sky. Options include a:

Custom Fireplace Design

A custom built-in fireplace allows you to choose the elements of design based on your choice of style and placement. While the structure is typically composed of concrete block and mortar, the face may be finished in your choice of materials including: brick veneer, concrete, decorative tile, stucco, stone, or any combination.

Two-Sided Gas Fireplace

Create separate seating and dining areas, or multiple entertaining spaces, with a dual-sided gas fireplace installation.

Natural Wood Burning Fireplace 

There’s nothing like the smell, sound, or glow of a wood burning fire. Add comfortable seating and integrated wood storage for comfort and convenience.

Fire Pit Design Options

A fire pit is reminiscent of a camp fire, with relaxing, transformative properties that can turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary one. In addition to the decorative and aesthetic value of a backyard fire pit, the yellow-orange glow can be used to light a dark corner of your yard, while the heat from the flames helps to warm you on a chilly fall evening. Because the open flames can be restrictive as to the placement of your fire pit, the options for design are almost limitless. Some of our favorites include:

Natural Stone Fire Pit

Get back to nature with a natural stone fire pit made from rustic materials, such as brick and stucco, stone, or brick, to compliment any backyard landscape.

Fire Table

An outdoor fire table is a great alternative to a more traditional fire pit, used as a decorative feature and a source of heat. They can be effectively used as an outdoor room divider or as the focal point in your seating area.

Gas Fire Pit 

Convenience and safety make natural gas a popular choice, as the fire can be lit with the simple flip of a switch.

Outdoor Fireplaces in MD, VA & DC

Four distinct seasons and cool evening temperatures can restrict the amount of time you spend enjoying your outdoor living space. The addition of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can help to maximize the use of your backyard, deck, or patio, and turn it into a luxurious oasis of comfort and style.

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