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Is your backyard space monochromatic and dull? Do you want to create a resort-style landscape design at home? The right garden design can often serve as the finishing touch you’re looking for, adding a splash of color to your backyard space and creating an element of luxury that even the most elaborate hardscapes often lack. And of course, a garden design filled with beautiful, unique textures and colors can also perfectly complement those hardscapes you love so much, offering breathtaking views you and your guests can enjoy year-round.

For garden landscaping that’s unique and inspiring in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC., contact Botanical Decorators today.

Garden Design MD, DC, VA

Our Garden Design Service

At Botanical Decorators, we strive to create landscape designs that are award-winning in quality and meet each individual client’s unique needs. In our experience, we often find that the right garden design can serve as the finishing touch to our projects, transforming a beautiful landscape into a breathtaking backyard retreat.

The projects below have specifically gained recognition, at least in part, for the garden designs that make them stand out:

  • Braddock Road residence. For this project, we used a combination of perennials and annuals to create a soft tone amidst the surrounding hardscape. Additionally, we added large green arborvitaes to create an element of privacy and defined the swimming pool area with warm plantings, including hydrangeas, caladiums, and tropical plants like Mandevilla Vine. This mix of textures creates a colorful landscape year-round at the Braddock Road residence in Alexandria, VA.
  • Lloyds Lane backyard. We used gorgeous flowers and shrubs to distinguish key components of this backyard landscape in a thoughtful, modern design. We also framed the lawn panel and driveway with hedges and the swimming pool area with two Shade Master Locusts. A colorful garden design adds seasonal interest with a combination of perennials, annuals, and herbs.
  • Laytonsville residence. Our horticulturists installed plantings along the hillside of this Laytonsville residence so that they could be enjoyed from the deck area, as well as the swimming pool. We also incorporated a colorful garden design brought to life with groups of perennials and decorative grasses.

Specific trends to consider for your garden design include adding low-maintenance plants requiring minimal fertilization, such as spirea or itea, sustainable native plantings, and gardens that can be included as part of an outdoor entertaining space. For other ideas, just ask our experienced landscape designers and horticulturists!

Garden Landscaping MD, VA, DC

Call Us for Garden Landscaping in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

There’s nothing like a lush, colorful garden design to create definition in your backyard space and provide the finishing touches to an outdoor oasis. After all, it’s your garden design that offers seasonal interest, privacy, and completes the look of your outdoor entertaining spaces, from patios to swimming pools and more.

At Botanical Decorators, we can help you incorporate these elements into your landscape with a garden design that’s unique, thoughtful, and inspiring. Our dedicated staff of horticulturists can work with you to make the best selection to meet your needs, both in terms of style and maintenance, and we offer a wide variety of plants and flowers in varying textures to meet your needs. We also provide ongoing landscape maintenance to help you keep your property looking polished and pristine long after your garden has been installed.

Bring one-of-a-kind beauty to your outdoor space with garden landscaping in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC. Call today to schedule your design consultation!


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