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Landscape Design Elements in Great Falls VA

By Botanical Decorators
February 26, 2013

By Bobby Barusefski

working in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, the design team at Botanical Decorators is often asked to create a feeling of distinction for the home.  Achieving that perfect curb appeal can sometimes pose a challenge. One element in a Landscape Design that could address the challenge is a beautifully designed entrance feature.

One of the ways that homeowners in Potomac, MD or McLean, VA can create a feeling of distinction for visiting guests is to build an entrance feature.  Entrance features are the first impression of a home, preparing visitors for something special that lies beyond.  They create both a threshold to the property and a feeling of establishment.

Entrance features also help create a feeling of  “home” for the owners that live there.  Imagine pulling into your driveway after battling the daily traffic issues that plague our region.  Without an entrance feature there is little sense of arrival or uniqueness.  Now imagine pulling into your driveway, between two well-lit pillars flanking either side of the entrance to your property.  You hear and feel the rumble of cobbles or bricks under your car’s tires.  Arrival!

Botanical Decorators knows the importance of a feeling of arrival when creating a home of distinction and specializes in building entrance features with a variety of materials including stone, brick, and cobble.  The talented team of landscape designers and expert stone masons know that these entrance features should reflect the scale, materials, and style of the home that lies beyond them.  Building these features to the correct scale and utilizing materials and style that reflect the home beyond is

Stone Entrance feature in McLean VA

This beautiful stone entrance feature creates a welcoming feel for guests and presents a look of distinction for the home.

pivotal to tying a beautiful property together and creating a special place.  Often these entrance features are flanked with landscaping that also reflects the style of landscaping found throughout the rest of the property.

The images below show a recently completed entrance feature in McLean / Great Falls, VA done by Botanical Decorators.  The stone used to construct the feature matches the stone materials used on the house foundation and garage.  The scale of the entrance feature reflects the size of the house in the background without being overpowering.  The stone entrance walls also perform the function of retaining the topography where the driveway ascends into the property.  If you have a home in Montgomery County or Howard County in Maryland or Fairfax County, Arlington County or Alexandria Virginia Botanical Decorators can assist you with designing and building the perfect entrance feature for your home.


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