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Landscape Maintenance in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

By Botanical Decorators
June 27, 2013

At Botanical Decorators in Olney, MD, we strive to create stunning landscapes brought to life with landscape plants, swimming pools, outdoor fireplaces, and more. But in order to keep your property as beautiful as the day these features were installed, it’s important to undergo routine landscape maintenance. Although the best way to preserve the look and feel of your home is to hire a landscape design firm, we’ve provided some landscape maintenance tips that should help.

Maintaining Landscape Elements

If you’ve installed landscape elements in your property, whether it’s a retaining wall or a custom patio, it’s important to follow some guidelines for landscape maintenance. This will preserve the different features within your property and keep your landscape looking like an outdoor oasis for years to come.

  • Outdoor Fireplaces. Trim any excessive plant growth around the area and keep your chimney clean.
  • Custom Swimming Pools. Check your pool chemistry regularly and make sure the pH levels do not exceed 8.0. Additionally, keep your pool and skimmer basket clean.
  • Decks and porches. Wash your deck area and check for any loose nails. You can also treat it using a clear wood preservative to protect it from moisture and UV rays.
  • Custom Patios. For patios, the method for landscape maintenance depends on the material used. Generally, cleaning and sealing this space is the best course of action.

Many of the features in your property will need different forms of landscape maintenance depending on the construction method and materials used. For these key elements, it’s best to consult an experienced landscape company in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. that can provide routine landscape maintenance.

Garden Maintenance Tips

Of course, if you don’t maintain your garden and lawn in addition to the landscape elements that define your property, it will impact the look of your entire space. The garden maintenance tips below can help:

  • Make sure to properly water your plants and gardens, especially during hot and dry periods. It’s recommended that you water your plants once in the mornings and, when it’s new, late in the afternoon as well.
  • Fertilize your lawn in the fall to keep it strong and healthy throughout the colder winter months.
  • Clean your yard regularly to make sure none of your plants or grasses are smothered by any objects, especially if tree branches fall after a storm.
  • Mow your lawn and remove any weeds to keep your grasses and gardens healthy.
  • If you don’t have experience gardening or don’t enjoy it, hire a professional landscaping company and set up a regular maintenance schedule.

As you follow these landscape maintenance tips, make sure you comply with any water restrictions in your county in order to avoid fines.

Schedule Landscape Maintenance in MD, VA, or D.C.

Do you need help with landscape maintenance in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.?  The landscape designers, horticulturists, and craftsmen at Botanical Decorators have the skill and experience you need to properly care for your property—and you can be confident that we’ll take care of your landscape as if it was our own. Contact us today for landscape maintenance in the D.C. metro area.


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