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Outdoor Fireplace in Clarksburg, MD

There’s nothing better than enjoying the warm glow of a fire in your own backyard. After all, a custom outdoor fireplace can enhance the key elements of your landscape, creating a cozy atmosphere for entertaining guests and family even on those chilly Clarksburg nights. Not only can it keep you warm and provide light, but your new landscape fireplace can also be an excellent complement to an outdoor kitchen area or custom patio.

If you’re interested in enhancing your landscape with an outdoor fireplace design, contact Botanical Decorators today!


Outdoor Fireplace Design

Our landscape design firm specializes in building custom outdoor fireplaces for clients throughout Clarksburg, MD. When you choose us for outdoor fireplace design, we will build your landscape fireplace according to your unique specifications, including size, color, and style. In addition, you can trust that Botanical Decorators understands and adheres to all of the zoning requirements for outdoor fireplaces in the Clarksburg area, as well as the correct sizing requirements to ensure your fireplace vents properly.

If you want to create an outdoor room with your new landscape fireplace or firepit as the focal point, we can also help you create a deck plan or select patio furniture. For ideas, check out our Old Chester landscape design or our Cattail Creek landscaping project, both of which included outdoor fireplaces.

How do we design and build outdoor fireplaces?

At Botanical Decorators, our landscape designers can help you select the best materials and design options for your landscape fireplace, working with you to determine the location, overall functionality, and style of your fireplace.

Outdoor fireplaces can be constructed using a variety of materials including:

  • Brick. Brick fireplaces come in a variety of textures and colors, making it easy to customize your outdoor fireplace design to meet your needs.
  • Stone. Stone can create a rustic-style landscape fireplace. It’s also available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Block and stucco. Stucco can add texture to your landscape design with its smooth surface.

If you need help choosing the best materials for your outdoor fireplace design, we can help you with the selection process—just ask!

Schedule Outdoor Fireplace Design and Build in DC, MD, or VA

Do you want to include an outdoor fireplace in your Clarksburg landscape design? At Botanical Decorators, our skilled landscape designers and expert stone masons work together to transform landscapes into outdoor retreats complete with landscape fireplaces.

We address each project in a professional manner, working as a team with the common goal of creating custom landscapes that are refined, aesthetic, practical, and functional and that enhance the lives of our valued clientele. And when we build your custom outdoor fireplace, you can be sure that we’ll use the finest products and materials.

Contact us today to get the most out of your outdoor space with an outdoor fireplace in Clarksburg, MD.


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