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At Botanical Decorators, we design and build distinctive landscapes that make the most of your outdoor space in Bethesda, MD. But as stunning as your landscape may be during the day, you probably want to show it off at night, too. Landscape lighting designs can help brighten up your custom pool, outdoor kitchen, or patio area so you can entertain your guests any time of day.

Have our expert landscape designers install outdoor lighting fixtures in your Bethesda home so you can fully enjoy your landscape this summer! Call us today at 301-948-6625.


Landscape Lighting Designs

Outdoor Lighting Design in Bethesda

When we take on a landscape design project, we pay attention to every detail. After all, it’s the fine details that often bring a design together – like outdoor lighting. No landscape is complete without landscape lighting designs to illuminate the outdoor structures, custom arbors, deck designs, and swimming pools that bring it to life.

At Botanical Decorators, we create landscape lighting designs to enhance the look of properties throughout Bethesda, MD using the following techniques:

  • Uplighting. This involves positioning products so that lighting is directed upwards.
  • Backlighting. Backlighting creates an artistic lighting effect by producing a perception of depth. In this style, the light is placed behind the object or at right angles.
  • Pathway Lighting. If you have a walkway (or are building one), consider pathway lighting so you can stroll through your landscape even on dark nights!
  • Safety Lighting. Avoid potential falls with safety lighting.
  • Security Lighting. Security lighting can help you detect intruders on your property, preventing potential crimes.
  • Moonlighting. Moonlighting, also called down lighting, is a landscape lighting design where light shines down through branches and leaves of trees, creating shadows. This is a very naturalistic lighting method that works well with LED lamps.

We often use FXLuminaire for their selection of lighting products. If you’re looking for lights to set the mood for your next party, they recently came out with a new transformer that is low voltage and allows you to dim down certain portions of your property rather than the whole thing. Deck lighting is also a great idea if you like to entertain at home!

LED Lighting in Bethesda

Illuminate the Outdoors with the LED Lighting Design from Botanical Decorators

If you want an eco-friendly landscape lighting design, consider LED lamps. These lights can help you stay green because they’re long-lasting and dependable so you won’t be constantly replacing the bulbs—which can also help you save money over time! They’ve also been engineered to be high-performance products, acting as a more visually appealing outdoor lighting source.

Our LED lamps or low energy products are especially successful with uplighting or moonlighting techniques, but you can use them for other landscape lighting designs as well. If you’re unsure which outdoor lighting technique works best with your overall landscape, we can help.

Call us today to add outdoor lighting to your landscape design in Bethesda, MD.

Botanical Decorators—Bethesda’s Outdoor Lighting Experts

Custom Outdoor Lighting Projects in Montgomery County, MD

When we take on an outdoor lighting project, we listen carefully to your requests from the beginning, providing suggestions along the way to create a custom landscape lighting design that accentuates the details of your outdoor space. The planning process typically consists of a detailed phone call so we can discuss your goals followed by a site evaluation.

We will then help you plan a landscape lighting design that highlights key features on your property, including certain trees, entryways, and landscape elements that define your space. If you’re looking to light up a specific part of your property, you may also want to consider deck lighting or patio lighting.

Contact Botanical Decorators to illuminate your outdoor space with landscape lighting designs in Bethesda, MD.


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