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Outdoor lighting is a crucial factor in making your outdoor space enjoyable, no matter the hour. Outdoor lighting can have many uses, from adding to the function of your space to making it more aesthetically attractive. If you are considering outdoor lighting installation of any type, Botanical Decorators is ready to make the new lighting a seamless addition to your home.

There is one type of lighting that is crucial to your home’s safety, and that is safety and security lighting. Safety and security lighting brings light to areas of your home that are naturally dark, and present a risk to your safety, or provides a place for potential intruders to hide.

For outdoor home security lighting services in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, contact Botanical Decorators today!

Benefits of Outdoor Safety Lighting

If you are going to enjoy your outdoor space after dark, you need to ensure you can do it safely, and outdoor safety lighting helps with this. Outdoor safety lighting lights up pathways and dark areas of your property so that you can spend time outdoors safely.

Shadows in your outdoor space can obscure vision and make it more likely that someone will trip while walking through your yard. Outdoor safety lighting helps reduce this risk. This makes your space more usable and prevents the likelihood of someone falling and getting injured.

Make your yard safer and more pleasant to use after dark with outdoor safety lighting installed by the team at Botanical Decorators. Call us today at 301-948-6625 to get started!

Outdoor Security Lighting Protects Your DC-Area Property

While outdoor safety lighting protects those who use your property, outdoor security lighting protects the property itself. This type of lighting is set up to light areas where prowlers may hide. Many security lighting systems are motion-activated, so they can protect your home at all hours, even when you have turned off the lights for the night and gone to bed.

Outdoor security lighting deters unscrupulous individuals from targeting your property because thieves and prowlers prefer to do their work under cover of darkness. This lighting also makes it easier to see what is happening on your property, so you have a better chance of apprehending the guilty party if a problem occurs. This will also give you peace of mind, knowing that you are doing all you can to protect your home and its contents with proper lighting.

Contact Botanical Decorators today for a free quote for your home security lighting installed by our skilled team.

Botanical Decorators—The Outdoor Lighting Experts in Bethesda, Alexandria & Beyond

Why Choose Botanical Decorators for Your Outdoor Safety & Security Lighting

The team at Botanical Decorators knows how to design and build landscapes that are distinctive, attractive, and functional. This includes safety and security lighting to give you important protections. No matter where you are in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, you can trust our team to do the job right, making your backyard safe and attractive. Our team is attentive and knowledgeable, and you will be pleased with the finished result, we guarantee.

Contact Botanical Decorators today to schedule a consultation to discuss safety and security lighting for your Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia home, and take the next step toward making your outdoor living space safe and secure.


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