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Our Sustainable Landscape Designs

Being “GREEN” in the Landscaping Industry

Going green is a journey, not a destination. Every small step helps us get closer to the ultimate goal. Our landscape company subscribes to the three “R’s”:  Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. With this thinking, Botanical Decorators works every day to use fewer natural resources and create a stronger environment for us all to live in.

Here are some steps we take to create sustainable landscape designs and further our quest to be a green landscaping company:

  • Demolition and Landscape Site Preparation
    Our sustainable landscape designs limit the area that will need to be disturbed, minimizing our impact on the environment. We also install silt fence during the construction phase to eliminate runoff, keeping waterways from getting clogged with silt and sediment.
  • Storage and Disposition of Materials during Landscaping Projects
    Our materials are stored on site in a clear upland location.  This limits their impact on existing trees and ensures that the water that flows naturally through the site is uncontaminated. By separating materials, our green landscaping company ensures that resources can be reused or recycled. We recycle nursery pots and old concrete, reclaim soils, and compost all green resources, reducing the amount of materials we add to landfills by over 60 percent.
  • Soil and Bed Preparation
    Soil tests allow us to determine exactly what will be needed to create the perfect environment for your landscape to prosper. By doing so, we limit the amount of soil amenities, fertilizers and additives that are needed. Your beds are prepared with eco-friendly soils that are manufactured using recycled leaves and organic matter, along with sand and reclaimed soils. Soils are custom mixed to be site-specific.
  • Using Green Building Systems in Our Sustainable Landscape Designs
    Our landscape designers are experts at installing the latest green industry systems including: green roofs, living green walls, cisterns, pervious pavers, and concrete. Recycled materials and materials from sustainable resources are implemented whenever possible.
  • Drainage Systems in Our Landscape Designs
    Downspouts are piped underground and exit into bubble-up boxes that break the water velocity, allowing for better soil absorption and reducing the runoff to waterways. Additional measures can range from a simple dry well to complex cisterns that capture the water for reuse. Another solution involves a water garden that holds the water in a bog so that it can be absorbed slowly into the sub-grade.

Choosing a Green Landscaping Service in MD, VA, DC

Are you looking for a company in Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC that can produce an eco-friendly landscape design? We are your local landscaping design firm that develops residential properties using environmentally friendly procedures and solutions. If you’re considering a new landscape, choose a green landscaping company and a sustainable landscape design that is meant to last.

View our design process and build process  pages to learn more about the project stages at Botanical Decorators.


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