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Rooftop Gardens in Arlington, VA

Looking for ways to make the most of your landscape? A rooftop garden can bring an element of luxury to your home, particularly for those with limited space in more urban parts of Arlington. And when you choose Botanical Decorators for your rooftop garden, you’ll gain access to a landscaping team dedicated to bringing your dreams for the perfect outdoor space to life.

Our skilled landscape designers and horticulturists work together to create gorgeous rooftop gardens throughout Arlington, VA, giving our clients and their guests spectacular views of the city before them. Contact us today!

Rooftop Garden Design

Before you begin your rooftop garden project, there are various style and functionality components to consider. But you don’t have to go about the selection process by yourself—you’ll work hand-in-hand with one of our experienced landscape designers who will discuss your ideas with you and provide recommendations along the way.

One of the most important aspects of your rooftop garden is the flooring, which serves as the basis for the entire design. You can choose from several flooring options, such as Brazilian hardwood, tile, or floating floor. You also have the option to complement the flowers and plants in your rooftop garden design with concrete or fiberglass products from GardenStone as one way to enhance the beauty of your rooftop.

And then there’s the focal point of the entire rooftop garden design—the flowers and plants! When you’re choosing plants, it’s important to consider more than just aesthetics, taking into account that the environment on the rooftop differs from that on the ground. Weight loads must be considered—and proper engineering done accordingly. Irrigation must also be performed. Luckily, the horticulturists at Botanical Decorators can handle the engineering aspect of your project for you so you won’t need to worry about a thing. Call us today to take the stress out of your rooftop gardening experience!


Rooftop Garden Designs in Arlington

Do you want to add a rooftop garden design to your home? Botanical Decorators can help! Our landscape designers and horticulturists create custom rooftop gardens in Arlington, using their extensive knowledge of landscape plants and proper gardening methods in each project.

And if you want to include other landscape elements in your rooftop garden, we can seamlessly integrate them into the design as well. While our landscape designers can provide more customized suggestions for you after assessing the outdoor space on your rooftop, some ideas to consider include fountains and water features, and outdoor lighting. We can also help you choose landscape furniture so you can enjoy your rooftop views in comfort.

Contact us to transform your outdoor space with colorful rooftop garden designs in Arlington, VA.


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