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What to Plant in the Fall

By Botanical Decorators
September 23, 2013

You may or may not be aware that fall, like spring, is the perfect time to install plantings. Where fall differs from spring is in some of the types of plants you’ll want to install in order to give your gardens the best chance of success and add that splash of color you’re looking for.

At Botanical Decorators, we can help you accentuate the landscape elements you love—from the outdoor fireplace to the deck area—with beautiful plantings that will provide seasonal color and visual interest, serving as the final touch to your Maryland area landscape design. Keep reading for tips and ideas or schedule a consultation for more personal advice.

Benefits of Fall Plants

In many ways fall is actually a better time than spring to begin planting. The weather is a little more predictable, offering steady rains but to a lesser degree than is found in the spring—and that’s just one of many benefits.

Installing fall plants is also recommended because:

  • There tend to be fewer problems with pests or disease in plantings
  • With less stress from moist conditions or pests, they can develop healthier roots that will be full by springtime
  • Because the soil retains warmth during this season, root growth is encouraged and fall plants start growing faster
  • Plants will go through winter and blossom in time for spring and summer
  • And more!

Fall Plants

Now that you know why you should start planting now, it’s time to choose the best fall plants for current weather conditions, keeping in mind your goals for style and functionality. For instance, you may want plants to act as a barrier and provide privacy or flowers to fill your landscape with seasonal color. With this in mind, consider installing the following types of fall plants for your landscape in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.:

  • Spring bulbs. Bulbs that blossom in the spring rely on periods of cold underneath the ground in order to bloom. If you install them in the fall, you can count on having a beautiful landscape by spring. Some options to consider include grape hyacinth, crown imperial, and English bluebell.
  • Trees and shrubs. Because the temperature has cooled down, but the soil remains warm, it’s the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs. Like spring bulbs, they also rely on wintertime hibernation.
  • Turfgrass. Install turfgrass in fall and fertilize it in early September and late October—it will be perfectly green by spring!
  • And more!

For more specific examples of fall plants to install, ask us during your initial consultation.

Landscape Plant Installation in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, D.C.

Are ready to give your landscape those plantings it’s been missing? If you live in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C., now’s the time to get started. The skilled landscape designers and horticulturists at Botanical Decorators can help you plan out the layout of your new landscape plantings to bring out the best in your landscape design. We can also install outdoor lighting to help bring out the beauty of your plantings at night.

Whatever your wish list for the perfect landscape may be, we’ve got the fall plants you need and much more—so schedule a consultation today!


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