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When Is the Best Time to Start Your Backyard Remodel?

By Botanical Decorators
February 18, 2020

If you’ve been contemplating backyard renovation, you may be wondering when the best time to tackle the job might be. Should you address the landscaping project in the winter, so it has a full season to grow, or should you wait until the spring when the ground is warm and inviting for new plants? The answer is not cut and dried, and it largely depends on the type of work you are going to put into your yard. Here is a closer look at timing your landscaping and hardscaping project in the Washington, DC metro area.

Winter – Ideal for Hardscaping and Patio Installation in DC, MD & VA

If part of your plan is to invest in patio installation or hardscaping, then consider starting the project in the winter. This helps in several ways. First, the cost of materials is typically less in winter, because fewer people are shopping for landscaping and hardscaping supplies.

Second, the work causes less damage to your grass and plants. While the team at Botanical Decorators will be as careful as possible when installing your patio, some travel over your lawn and even planted areas is inevitable. The cold and frost help protect plants from damage, while in the spring the new growth can easily be damaged by even the most careful footsteps.

Finally, if you install your patio in the winter, it will be ready for you at the first sign of nice weather. You won’t have to spend the entire spring and half of the summer waiting for the patio to be finished.

Late Fall or Early Spring – Ideal for Decks and Water Features

If your outdoor landscaping idea includes a new deck, winter may not work. If the ground is too frozen, you aren’t going to be able to dig the supports for the deck. Similarly, a water feature that requires underground plumbing is not something you can easily install in frozen ground. However, late fall and early spring are great times for these jobs. This is the contractor’s less busy season, but the ground will be thawed enough to dig in.

Why Summer Is the Worst Time for Your Landscaping Project

When spring starts to warm the area and people are looking ahead to summer, landscaping ideas start to flow, but this is actually a bad time to tackle your backyard renovation. Not only will doing so disrupt your summer fun, but the hot, humid weather in our area makes for difficult work. It is far better to tackle your landscaping and hardscaping project in those seasons when you aren’t using the backyard, so you will have a full season of enjoyment.

Considering Backyard Renovation in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia? Call Botanical Decorators!

If you have been contemplating landscaping or hardscaping in your Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia home, don’t wait. Talk about your landscaping ideas with the team at Botanical Decorators today. From patio installation to planted landscaping and hardscaping, we can help you bring your landscaping ideas to life.

Schedule a consultation with Botanical Decorators by calling 301-948-6625 or contacting us online for help today. You can also browse our portfolio to get ideas of what is possible in your Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland home.


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